PID Energy, LLC is a division of PID Group, Inc.

You may visit PID Group website at PID has been a sub-contract manufacturer and supplier to multiple industries since 2001. PID is a growing supplier in the controls & instrumentation, industrial, oil/gas, automotive, composites, and aerospace industries.

PID Energy, LLC is looking to fill the void of a domestic pumping unit left by various pumping unit suppliers. Other pumping unit suppliers have moved to sourcing materials and fabricated parts, including complete pumping units, from foreign factories in China and other low-cost countries. We believe it is important to support our American energy industry and American jobs.

PID Energy is working with U.S. foundries and U.S. steel mills to supply materials in support of the manufacturing of its domestic pumping unit. PID Energy will offer the oil and gas industry quality products manufactured in the United States of America with the primary focus remaining on quality and customer service.